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The New Institutionalist Economics of the State

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A journal for my notes on the New Institutionalist Economics of the state. Comments are welcome.

Institutions and Economic Theory, by Furubotn and Richter (has helpful glossary)
Structure and Change in Economic History, by Douglass C. North (excellent!)
A Theory of the State, by Yoram Barzel
The Economic Analysis of Property Rights, by Barzel
The Economics of Transaction Costs, by P.K. Rao
Economics and Institutions, by Hodgson
The Frontiers of the New Institutionalist Economics; eds, Drobak and Nye
Economic Behavior and Institutions, by Thrainn Eggertsson
Explorations in the New Economic History: Essays in Honor of Douglass C. North, eds, Ransom, Sutch, and Watson

"Government and the Cost of Exchange in History"--North, Journal of Economic History, June 1984
"A Framework for Analyzing the State in Economic History"--North, Explorations in Economic History, 1979
"Institutions, Transaction Costs and Economic Growth"--North, Economic Inquiry, July 1987
adverse selection, agency, asymmetric information, coase theorem, constitutions, douglass north, economic history, economics, hobbes, institutions, james buchanan, jensen and meckling, mancur olson, monitoring, moral hazard, new institutionalist economics, nexus of contracts, oliver williamson, property rights, ronald coase, signaling, the new political economy, the principal-agent approach, theory of the firm, transaction costs, yoram barzel